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The Filippians and the Gospel

The Filippians and the Gospel
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It is very striking to see how strong the bond is between the Filippians and the Gospel. The apostel Paul points to it six times in the first chapter of his letter to them. He speaks about the fact:
a) that they have fellowship in ( or: with) the gospel from the fist day unto now (verse 5). That is to the time that Paul was in prison in Rome. They maintained their interest in it;
b) that they sympathized with the apostel in prison and feeled with him the importance of the defence and confirmation of the gospel (verse 7);
c) that the circumstances of the apostel hath turned out to the furhterance of the gospel (verse 12). The apostel would that they knew that. The Filippians would of course be glad to hear that;
d) that he is set for the defence of the gospel (verse 16).There were preachers who knew that and who preached the gospel out of love to the apostel. Surely the Filippians would rejoice about that and pray for Paul and for those preachers;
e) thast the Filippians have to walk worthily of the gospel (verse 27a). Acceptation of the gospel is one thing, walking in accordance with it is another thing. Paul exorted the Filippians to do the latter
f) that he wishes that the Filippians may stand fast in one spirit with one soul striving together in the face of the gospel (verse 27b), The oneness of spirit was missing by some of them compare chapter 4 verses 1-3.

What important things for us in our time. Let us follow the example of the Filippians and take to heart the exortations the apostel gives them.