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Unworty not worthless

Important saying:

As sinners we are unworthy, but not worthless

Because of our sins and sinfull nature we can not earn a place in heaven in the presence of God in whatsoever way.. But in Gods eyes we were not worthless otherwise He whould not have given his Son for us to make us worthy to become even his sons!

A man who sold blocs of marble had put aside a bloc that he esteemed as unworhy for have it in stock for selling. When Michel Angelo visited the man he saw the unworhy bloc of marble and asked what the price was. The salesman gave it to Michel Angelo and whould not have any monery for it. The sculptor and painter took it with him and in his workshop he made a magnificient statue of it. In the eyes of Michel Angelo that bloc of marble was not worthless for he saw what he could make of it