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Walking worthily

In more than one letter the Apostel Paul exhorts us to walk worthily or in accordance of something. I give the following oversight:

a) In 1Thess. 2:12 we are exhorted to walk worthily or worthy of God. The believers inThessalonica had turned to God from the idols (1Thess. 1:9,10) to serve the living and true God. They are exhorted to walk worthily to God.

b) In Fil. 1:27a we read the call to walk worthily of the gospel (or a similair expression). It is not strange that we find this expression in that letter for the Filippians had a strong bond with the gospel (see my e-mail “The Filippians and the gospel”);

c) In Col 1:10 we find the expression to walk worthily of the Lord. We must realise that in the letter to the Colossians the Lordship of our Savior is emphasized (see Col. 2:6;3:17.-25; 4:17). In Col.3:15
Paul speaks about the peace of Christ, whereras for instance in Fil. 4:7 he speaks about the peace of God;

d) In Ef4:1 Paul uses the term walking worthily of the calling werewith we are called. This also is in accordance with the character of the letter, for in chapter 1 verses 3-14 is in extence brought before us what
this calling is about.